Sunday, January 6, 2013

You Are Not Me.. I Am Me!

"Stop that. You must be like this. You must be like that. That's not good for you. You must do this."

Hey hey hey!!

Who says what???

Sometimes these are what we usually hear from others, if we UNINTENTIONALLY or ACCIDENTALLY did something wrong.. They would "suggest" that we must do the "right thing".

But wait, does they really know the right thing?? For us?? How would they know??

Yeah, It's easy for others to say what we must do in able to approach the right thing.. But have they ever thought, "Is that what they really need to do?" or something like "Do I have the right to dictate what he/she must do?"

Come to think of it, everybody commits mistakes.. And not because they do and you're not, doesn't mean you already have the right to say this and that.. Or the right to dictate them to change.. Then you'll say, "it is for your betterment". Then I'll ask you again.. What do you know for their betterment??

As far as I know, it's us, our own self who knows what's better for us.. 'cause it's us who knows where are we gonna be happy.

We might commit mistake. But we learn. We may do stupid things. It's normal..

Someday, we'll gonna change..

Not because others say so.. Not because they forced us..
But because it's our choice.. It's what we want.. And finally, because it is what makes us happy. :)

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