Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Why You Gotta Be So Mean?

Someone who stays at your side.. Someone who scolds you when you're getting so hard headed.. Someone who supports and appreciates everything you do.. Someone to cry on.. Someone to laugh with.. A partner in crime, at times when immaturity strikes.. Someone who will comfort you and be there when someone hurts you..

These are what a FRIEND supposed to be..

But I just don't get it.. Why is that there are people you treat as a friend.. You do good things to them.. You even sacrifice for them.. Share to them things that you have.. Understand and accept them, even how impossible they are.. Yet they just manage to break you down.. Instead of expecting that they are the ones who will approach and confide you if times get rough. They still manage to cut you even more into pieces.. Then you'll realize, they just don't care at all. Worse is that, they even look happier when you are hurting and suffering.

How rude was that?? Having the thought that you have someone at your side.. Yet, only to realize that you were alone all along.. You even got to the point questioning yourself, "What did I have done wrong?"

Is this the prize of becoming a good friend?

Do I deserve this?

Or they just too good being so mean?


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