Monday, December 17, 2012

A Thing Called Love. .

Love is the beginning of everything. Let's start with its simple meaning. Love is a self-giving loyal concern that freely accepts another and seeks his good. Does the love that we feel really meant for others? Or we do also have to love ourselves in able to overcome the pain that we feel because of love?

Have you ever ask yourself, what is real love anyway? Is it giving everything to others? Of course not! Real love doesn't require everything. Real love does not demand. But real love accepts. Accepts what you are and who you are. You don't have to be perfect for them to love you. To tell you, if that person really loves you, he will never ask you to be perfect, because it's you, whom he will love and not your perfection.

Do we have to take love seriously? Seriously?! Oh no, don't get me wrong, but taking love seriously may affect you in a wrong way especially for us young people. Taking love as an inspiration can be good. But what if love gets to its worst? What will happen to that inspiration? If you lose control of that feeling it will end up to desperation. Then, it's the beginning of miserable you.

So what is real love anyway? Real love is not selfish. If we take love, we must take it with open arms, because real love is all about letting go and acceptance. Real love is thinking what's better for others, because if we love someone, we are ready to sacrifice and let go just to see them happy. Even if it pierce our hearts with million arrows seeing that someone, loved by someone else. What really matter is not the pain that we feel. But the smile that reflects to their faces. Even if it hurts a lot, at least you know that you're the reason behind their happiness.

In love, we do not have to count the things that our loved one did not do. The thing that we must think of, are the things that our loved one did for us that they never did before. They say "Love is a Sacrifice", because if we love, we take the risk. If we are afraid to be hurt, then we are not ready to love. And I think that's the irony of love.

Love is indeed the greatest thing in this world that we have. Sometimes we laugh. Sometimes we cry because of it. And most probably, it breaks our hearts. But the important thing is, in every pain there lies a lesson. Who cares if today you are suffering from heart aches because of love? At least tomorrow, you'll be a better person. All because of that thing called

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