Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy Monthsary!! (1st ever!!!) :D

We've been in this relationship for a while now.. And yun nga.. umabot din!! whew!! hahah..
Happy motmot!! :D

Thank you for coming into my life.. I never expected and it never even came into my mind that we'll gonna have this relationship.. 'cause as we both know about the past.. (But I'm not gonna talk about that this time..) Yet, against it all.. I'm glad that expectation exist.. 'cause I didn't expected either that I would care and love you like this.

One month down and I hope there's a lot lot lot more to go.. Thank you to the efforts you are doing, just to show that you're sincere in loving me.. I do appreciate everything..

I know that there's a lot more trials, tests and challenges that we'll gonna encounter along the way of this relationship.. Rest assured that you'll always have me here..

Long Live!! :D

I love you always :)

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