Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Babe!!!:)

You're not getting any younger babe :) Yet, always stay the same okay?? I always love you though.. And you know that you always have me here, no matter what..

Problems will always be present and always ready to come in your path of life.. You may fall down, break down or cry.. Rest assured, you always have a shoulder to cry on.. and a helping hand ready to catch and hold you even tighter to not give up.

You're not a boy or a little man anymore.. 'cause now you're a full grown matured man.. And luckily to be my one and only man. :)

May you achieve all the goals/plans that you always share to me.. You always have me at your back to support you in every decision you make.. Always choose the things that makes you happy.. Besides you're matured enough to know what's good for you.. You may not opt the best choice.. At least, you know that it is the one that fulfills what you feel inside.

I Love You Babe!!:)

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