Monday, February 4, 2013

Thank You...

Thank you...
           for the bad and harsh words that you uttered.
Thank you...
          for pushing me down and breaking me into pieces.
Thank you...
          for blaming me when things go wrong.
Thank you...
          for letting me feel that you are ashamed of me.
Thank you...
          for all the things that you have said and done.

Thank you for all the pains that made me stronger.

           I owe you everything!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

We're Stronger than Rain and Thunder -xviii-

A song that I dedicate to my babe, Mr. Kevin Natividad. :)
I hope you'll like it babe.. Whatever problem that we have right now, always know that...

...I’ll stand beside you
As long as I’m alive
As long as I am breathing
I’ll make things alright
(You’ll always be my baby
You know that you and I)

You and I got something that’s so rare
Nothing comes close, nothing can compare
They can say, they can do what they wanna
Cause we get stronger like rain and thunder

Every time they try to tear our love apart
We get tired of their look, love you have my heart
They can say, they can do what they wanna
Cause we get stronger like rain and thunder...

*Babe.. Kaya natin to.. Kakayanin natin lahat.. Strong tayo ehh.. :)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

You Are Not Me.. I Am Me!

"Stop that. You must be like this. You must be like that. That's not good for you. You must do this."

Hey hey hey!!

Who says what???

Sometimes these are what we usually hear from others, if we UNINTENTIONALLY or ACCIDENTALLY did something wrong.. They would "suggest" that we must do the "right thing".

But wait, does they really know the right thing?? For us?? How would they know??

Yeah, It's easy for others to say what we must do in able to approach the right thing.. But have they ever thought, "Is that what they really need to do?" or something like "Do I have the right to dictate what he/she must do?"

Come to think of it, everybody commits mistakes.. And not because they do and you're not, doesn't mean you already have the right to say this and that.. Or the right to dictate them to change.. Then you'll say, "it is for your betterment". Then I'll ask you again.. What do you know for their betterment??

As far as I know, it's us, our own self who knows what's better for us.. 'cause it's us who knows where are we gonna be happy.

We might commit mistake. But we learn. We may do stupid things. It's normal..

Someday, we'll gonna change..

Not because others say so.. Not because they forced us..
But because it's our choice.. It's what we want.. And finally, because it is what makes us happy. :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Why You Gotta Be So Mean?

Someone who stays at your side.. Someone who scolds you when you're getting so hard headed.. Someone who supports and appreciates everything you do.. Someone to cry on.. Someone to laugh with.. A partner in crime, at times when immaturity strikes.. Someone who will comfort you and be there when someone hurts you..

These are what a FRIEND supposed to be..

But I just don't get it.. Why is that there are people you treat as a friend.. You do good things to them.. You even sacrifice for them.. Share to them things that you have.. Understand and accept them, even how impossible they are.. Yet they just manage to break you down.. Instead of expecting that they are the ones who will approach and confide you if times get rough. They still manage to cut you even more into pieces.. Then you'll realize, they just don't care at all. Worse is that, they even look happier when you are hurting and suffering.

How rude was that?? Having the thought that you have someone at your side.. Yet, only to realize that you were alone all along.. You even got to the point questioning yourself, "What did I have done wrong?"

Is this the prize of becoming a good friend?

Do I deserve this?

Or they just too good being so mean?


Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy Monthsary!! (1st ever!!!) :D

We've been in this relationship for a while now.. And yun nga.. umabot din!! whew!! hahah..
Happy motmot!! :D

Thank you for coming into my life.. I never expected and it never even came into my mind that we'll gonna have this relationship.. 'cause as we both know about the past.. (But I'm not gonna talk about that this time..) Yet, against it all.. I'm glad that expectation exist.. 'cause I didn't expected either that I would care and love you like this.

One month down and I hope there's a lot lot lot more to go.. Thank you to the efforts you are doing, just to show that you're sincere in loving me.. I do appreciate everything..

I know that there's a lot more trials, tests and challenges that we'll gonna encounter along the way of this relationship.. Rest assured that you'll always have me here..

Long Live!! :D

I love you always :)

Happy Birthday Babe!!!:)

You're not getting any younger babe :) Yet, always stay the same okay?? I always love you though.. And you know that you always have me here, no matter what..

Problems will always be present and always ready to come in your path of life.. You may fall down, break down or cry.. Rest assured, you always have a shoulder to cry on.. and a helping hand ready to catch and hold you even tighter to not give up.

You're not a boy or a little man anymore.. 'cause now you're a full grown matured man.. And luckily to be my one and only man. :)

May you achieve all the goals/plans that you always share to me.. You always have me at your back to support you in every decision you make.. Always choose the things that makes you happy.. Besides you're matured enough to know what's good for you.. You may not opt the best choice.. At least, you know that it is the one that fulfills what you feel inside.

I Love You Babe!!:)

A Thing Called Love. .

Love is the beginning of everything. Let's start with its simple meaning. Love is a self-giving loyal concern that freely accepts another and seeks his good. Does the love that we feel really meant for others? Or we do also have to love ourselves in able to overcome the pain that we feel because of love?

Have you ever ask yourself, what is real love anyway? Is it giving everything to others? Of course not! Real love doesn't require everything. Real love does not demand. But real love accepts. Accepts what you are and who you are. You don't have to be perfect for them to love you. To tell you, if that person really loves you, he will never ask you to be perfect, because it's you, whom he will love and not your perfection.

Do we have to take love seriously? Seriously?! Oh no, don't get me wrong, but taking love seriously may affect you in a wrong way especially for us young people. Taking love as an inspiration can be good. But what if love gets to its worst? What will happen to that inspiration? If you lose control of that feeling it will end up to desperation. Then, it's the beginning of miserable you.

So what is real love anyway? Real love is not selfish. If we take love, we must take it with open arms, because real love is all about letting go and acceptance. Real love is thinking what's better for others, because if we love someone, we are ready to sacrifice and let go just to see them happy. Even if it pierce our hearts with million arrows seeing that someone, loved by someone else. What really matter is not the pain that we feel. But the smile that reflects to their faces. Even if it hurts a lot, at least you know that you're the reason behind their happiness.

In love, we do not have to count the things that our loved one did not do. The thing that we must think of, are the things that our loved one did for us that they never did before. They say "Love is a Sacrifice", because if we love, we take the risk. If we are afraid to be hurt, then we are not ready to love. And I think that's the irony of love.

Love is indeed the greatest thing in this world that we have. Sometimes we laugh. Sometimes we cry because of it. And most probably, it breaks our hearts. But the important thing is, in every pain there lies a lesson. Who cares if today you are suffering from heart aches because of love? At least tomorrow, you'll be a better person. All because of that thing called